Lake Wehapa

This was a renovation to an existing lake home on the private Lake Wehapa.  The home was originally a long one story structure with an inconsistent Greek Revival styling on the exterior.  The owner wanted to recreate the overall look of the home to feel more responsive to its lake front surroundings while also adding a guest cottage, a new large terrace, and poolside entertainment space.

We reestablished a more natural feeling material palette and embraced the horizontal nature of the home by adding the long clean lines and free spanning spaces of the terrace.  The new terrace/pool deck becomes the connective element marrying old to new and serving as the hub of activity for this family to enjoy their beautiful lake home.

From the existing living space we added a large picture window for an unimpeded amazing view of the lake.  We then positioned the two bedroom guest suite to hold the edge of the new courtyard and further frame the best view of the lake.  This also created a space that provides varying levels of privacy allowing for a multi-purpose entertainment space.

The pool itself is positioned so that along one edge it tucks itself under the new guest suite deck, on another it connects to the pool deck, and on the lake edge a continuous bench running the length of the pool provides great spot to enjoy the setting sun.  Emphasizing the horizontal nature of the home, the new pool deck appears to slice into the earth and the wide cascading stairs stretch across the new terrace.

An outdoor kitchen makes up one side of the upper terrace while the other side provides open terrace space contained with frameless glass railings so that the view was never compromised.  All of the new spaces interior and exterior focus views back toward the lake and work together to create an oasis for this family to enjoy for many years to come.