The Townes of North River

This was also designed for the master planned community the Townes of North River in Tuscaloosa Alabama. This owner wanted to achieve an eclectic craftsmen cottage that was predominantly a one story structure with very contemporary layout goals for the interior. One of the challenges was to combine the traditional craftsmen feel with wide open contemporary interiors. The clear heart of this home is the open kitchen, dining, living space that all other spaces connect back to. The kitchen embraces all the spaces with a large u shaped wrap around bar setting. The living space is open to a lofted space above the kitchen and connects directly to the back yard. This home was designed specifically for how the owner saw their home working for them all the way down to custom cabinets for their beloved dogs to have their own space as well. The owner chose materials and colors on the interior to create a home that is truly their own in a neighborhood that is full of otherwise very similar homes.